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Definitions of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is knowing what is happening, when it is happening, without preference. – Rob Nairn.

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally.  – Jon Kabat Zinn

Mindfulness refers to keeping one’s consciousness alive to the present reality. It is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves. – Thich Nhat Hanh,


"The course has made a tremendously positive impact on my life – on me personally, with my relationships and others, my approach at work, and the way I handle problem situations"

"I feel 100% more positive and able to cope with life’s stresses and strains”

“A lovely balance of practice and discussion and a lovely supportive group.”

“Chloe created a warm, open environment very quickly which resulted in a very cohesive and supportive group”

“Excellent teaching, presented in a very knowledgable insightful and thought provoking manner.”


Recent clients include:

SAMH Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen (7 x Introduction to Mindfulness Workshops)

Happy Lets (Introduction to Mindfulness workshop)

Lea-p Leadership coaching for Cap Gemini ( 4 days training at Cap Gemni’s university as part of their principle Boost programme)

Fraser Suites (2x introduction to Mindfulness workshops)

Right To Write Mitchell Library

Beatson Centre (Eight week Course for therapists)

Police Scotland (Introduction to Mindfulness workshop)

One to one eight week course for CAMS principle psychologist

Tesco (Introduction to Mindfulness workshop for 24 Store Managers)

Scottish Government, International Higher Education Team (2x Introduction to Mindfulness workshops)

Scottish Government,Community Justice Unit senior practitioners (Eight Week Course)

Scottish Government, Community Justice Unit (One Day workshop)

Merchant City Yoga (Introduction to mindfulness workshop as part of their teacher training)

Ceartas Advocacy Services (Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

Glasgow Caledonian University-Positively Mindful(Eight Week Course)

Strathclyde University Disability/Counselling Dept(Three/four Eight Week

per year for staff and students-ongoing since 2012)

St Columbus School (Eight Week Course for teachers)

News Scotland (Eight week course)

News Scotland (2 hour workshop)

ACCA (4 x 1 hour workshops for staff)

Accenture (2 hour workshop for staff)

Skyscanner (3 x Eight week courses)

Lancraigs Primary School (16 week mindfulness course P4-7)

Lancraigs Primary School (Introduction to mindfulness workshops teachers)

Lancraigs Primary School (2 x Introduction to Mindfulness workshops P6-7)

The Mindfulness Association (One Year Mindfulness and Compassion Trainings and weekend courses)

The MA (Introduction to Teaching Skills Modules One and Two-Yearly throughout the UK)

The MA (Everyone Project-administrating and running yearly throughout the UK)

Springburn Academy ( 2x Introduction to Mindfulness workshops)

The Robertson Trust (2 x 2 hour workshops)

Children First(1 x 2 hour workshop)

Disclosure Scotland (3 x 2 hour workshops)

Brain injuries staff workers (2 hour workshop)

Shotts Prison (Eight week Course for the Psychology Department and Prison Officers)

Royal Hospital for Children (Eight Week Course for the Clinical Psychology Department)

Royal Hospital for Children (Eight Week Course for parents of children with chronic illness)

Action For Children (Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop for Staff)

Hillhead School (Introduction to mindfulness workshop)

East Renfrewshire Social Work services(One Day Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

Glasgow Clyde College (2x Introduction to Mindfulness Workshops for staff)

Glasgow International College (Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop for staff)

RBS (4 x 2 hour Introduction to Mindfulness workshops for Staff)

RBS (12 x 2 hour Introduction to Mindfulness workshops for Staff)

NHS 24 (Eight Week Course for seven staff)

Remploy (Eight week course via Skype)

NHS NW Sector CHP (2x Eight Week Courses)

Social Work Service, Criminal Justice South Lanarkshire Council(4x Eight Week Courses for staff)

Social Work Service, Criminal Justice South Lanarkshire Council (Eight Week Courses for Womens Group)

Knowes Housing Association (2x Introduction to Mindfulness Workshops)

Strathclyde University Disability/Counselling Dept(10 Week Introduction to Guiding Course.Enabling staff to facilitate daily drop in lunchtime meditation sessions)

Strathclyde Occupational Health (Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

Netherlee Primary School(3x 16 week Mindfulness Courses for P7 classes)

Netherlee Primary School(3x 8 week Mindfulness Courses for P7 classes)

Netherlee Primary School(Introduction To Mindfulness Workshop Staff)

Hutchesons Grammer School (Eight two hour introduction to Mindfulness Workshops for students)

Youth Mindfulness (Working on their Teacher Training Course)

East Renfrewshire Social Work Services-Barrhead “What about me” project-(Eight Week Course)

East Renfrewshire Social Work Services-Barrhead “What about me” project-(Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

Women in Property (Three Workshops)

Psychological Service, North Lanarkshire Council(Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

Psychological service, North Glasgow Council (Two Workshops)

Hillpark Secondary School, Autism Unit (Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

SECC Over 50’s Show (Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

QD Events(Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

Wisdom in Action(Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

Employers in Voluntary Housing(Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop)

Balance Yoga Studio(4x Introduction to Mindfulness Workshops)

Balance Yoga Studio(Eight Week Course)

The Fred MacAulay Show(Twice Guest Speaker)

COPE(One Day Workshop)

Awards for All National Lottery Fund(Worked with SBV to secure a grant to deliver mindfulness to residents in Maryhill)