“Your mind is your instrument.

Learn to be its master and not its slave.”
Remez Sasson

About Us

Chloe Homewood-Allen

Chloe is on The UK Network of Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations list as an approved MBSR and MBLC teacher.

She is an international mindfulness trainer and consultant, and a supervisor, teacher trainer and lead tutor for the Mindfulness Association, working in Scotland, throughout the UK, Poland and France.

She has been practising mindfulness meditation for eighteen years.

She started meditating with the Western Buddhist Order in 2001, attending their drop-in sessions to help with work/life-related stress, and later at Scotland’s Buddhist Vihara, becoming a trustee for several years, and practising in the Theravada tradition.

After 20 years working in the media, she left her job as a director at the BBC to bring up her three young children and teach secular mindfulness, embarking on three years of training in mindfulness, compassion and insight with the MA, and a two year supervised teacher training pathway in Mindfulness and Compassion with the Mindfulness Association and Rob Nairn, world pioneer in secular mindfulness. She also trained with Bangor University, on their Supervisors course.

In 2010 she completed the eight week MBSR course and soon after started assisting on MBSR courses in Glasgow, having secured a 10k National lottery fund grant for SBV, enabling a community in Glasgow scoring highly on the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation to gain access to free eight week MBSR courses.

In 2011 she co-founded “Mindfulness Today”, and latterly started her own social enterprise “Mindfulness Glasgow”, to to meet the growing need for mindfulness interventions in Scotland and beyond.

  • 3 Year Mindfulness Training with the Mindfulness Association, (Level One, Level 2, Level 3)

  • 2 Years supervised Teacher training pathway-Mindfulness Association

  • Supervisors Course: Bangor University

  • Workshops on group dynamics, embodiment, teaching skills and compassion with the Mindfulness association and practitioners such as Rick Hanson, Rececca Crane, Sharon Salzberg, Professor Paul Gilbert, Kristin Neff

  • Approved teacher on the UK Mindfulness Teachers Network List

  • 20 years experience working in the media, latterly as a director at the BBC

  • BA double Honours, English literature and Theatre Studies, Queen Mary and Westfield College,  London University

For the past ten years, she has been delivering eight week MBSR/MBLC courses, Mindfulness and Compassion workshops and one to ones in both corporate and public sectors, and for councils, schools, universities and the NHS.

She is currently a Lead Tutor and Supervisor for the Mindfulness Association, facilitating on the Glasgow One Year Mindfulness and Compassion Training Programmes, tutoring on their Teacher Training Courses and Supervising mindfulness teachers in both one to one and group settings.

For the past seven years she has run eight-week courses for students at Strathclyde University three times a year, and has completed the Youth Mindfulness Teacher training pathway, and regularly teaches the sixteen-week mindfulness course designed for Primary school-aged children.

Chloe is one of the co-founders and chair of a new charity called the Everyone Project, dedicated to bringing mindfulness courses to diverse communities throughout Britain.

As a working mother of three, who gains enormous benefit from engaging with mindfulness herself, she can relate to the challenges involved in incorporating mindfulness practice into a busy working and home life.

Chloe adheres to the UK network of mindfulness based teacher trainers good practice guidelines and is a registered mindfulness tutor with the “Be Mindful” campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation. She continues to train in mindfulness and compassion whenever possible, attending regular CPD workshops and retreats each year.

She has had the privilege of attending workshops, retreats and conferences (and in some cases also working/presenting at conferences) with Rick Hansen, Sharon Saltzberg, Vidyamala Burch (Founder Breathworks), Professor Paul Gilbert OBE, Jon Kabat Zinn, Professor Stuart Mercer, Sir Harry Burns, Christopher Germer, Kristin Neff, Rebecca Craine, Rob Nairn, Choden, Dr Alan Wallace, Choje Lama Yeshe Losai Rinpoche, Fabrizio Didonna, Donal Creeden, Michael Bready and Lindsay Lunan, Ratnadavi, The Baltimore Boys, and Charley Morley.