"The course has made a tremendously positive impact on my life – on me personally, with my relationships and others, my approach at work, and the way I handle problem situations"

"I feel 100% more positive and able to cope with life’s stresses and strains”

“A lovely balance of practice and discussion and a lovely supportive group.”

“Chloe created a warm, open environment very quickly which resulted in a very cohesive and supportive group”

“Excellent teaching, presented in a very knowledgable insightful and thought provoking manner.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMindfulness Glasgow is a social enterprise committed to making mindfulness and compassion focussed training accessible to individuals, communities and the corporate sector in Scotland.

We believe that living mindfully and compassionately can be transformative to both individuals and society at large. Decades of research reveal that engaging with a mindfulness practice can substantially enhance mental and physical wellbeing, and help people cope more effectively with the increasing rise of anxiety, stress and depression associated with 21st-century-living.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a natural and intuitive way of being which is accessible to everyone, regardless of their faith or cultural background.

It involves paying attention to our present moment experience with an attitude of openness, kindness and acceptance and meeting our experience in a compassionate and non judgmental way.

Being mindful is often described as a sense of “coming home”; a feeling of completeness and being connected in a more meaningful way to yourself and the world around you.

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8-Week Mindfulness and Compassion Courses

Mindfulness Glasgow offer the 8-week MBSR and MBLC curriculums, both of which are recognised by the UK Network for Mindfulness Teachers, as well as the 8-week Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC).

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